How to Use LinkedIn to Build Better Cold Emails

It can be intimidating to start a cold-email campaign. The hardest part is finding leads. You need their email address and then you send an email they will actually read, open and respond to. You have to repeat this process a hundred or even thousands of times. LinkedIn simplifies the whole process. Cold emails are … Read more

Struggling With Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest’s easy and quick traffic to your website or blog seems to be gone. The platform, which was once a popular place to refer traffic, has undergone some major changes. Bloggers have been forced to rethink their traffic strategies as a result. Does this mean that Pinterest’s traffic dreams are over? Is there light at … Read more

Email Marketing for Bloggers

What is Email marketing? Email marketing is a great way to grow a blog. Email List is a list of names, email addresses and other information about people who have signed up for your updates and promotional emails. You will collect emails as a blogger by using opt-in form on your blog. Email marketing is … Read more

A Guide to Effective Digital Marketing

The marketing industry has evolved rapidly in the last decade, especially with the rise of the Internet. Google is used by more than 3.5 Billion people every day. This is the equivalent to half of the world’s population performing one search per day. More and more companies are now going online, and spending more money … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with customers in a personalized, targeted manner. It also has a high potential for reach. Email marketing can result in low engagement, being viewed as spam or intrusive, and presenting delivery challenges. Email Marketing: How Effective is it? When done correctly, email marketing can be highly effective. … Read more

Importance of Link Building in SEO

Link Building is a process of Search Engine Optimization. It is made up of two words: Link + Building. A link is an URL or hyperlink, which is similar to Anchor Text. Users can navigate between web pages using a hyperlink. Link Building is the process of acquiring links from other websites that lead to … Read more

What Can SEO Services Do For You?

Over the years, both Internet users and search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated. Once upon a period, you could stuff web pages with keywords to get a lot of traffic. It takes more than just keywords to make a page appear high in the list of search engine results. Websites require great content, links, … Read more