How to Use LinkedIn to Build Better Cold Emails

It can be intimidating to start a cold-email campaign.

The hardest part is finding leads. You need their email address and then you send an email they will actually read, open and respond to. You have to repeat this process a hundred or even thousands of times.

LinkedIn simplifies the whole process.

Cold emails are used to sell something. You can sell a product, service or an idea. You’ll sell to people who work in a particular industry. LinkedIn is where professionals go online. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people in your field.

LinkedIn has the tools and features to help you create a cold email campaign.

Use LinkedIn to send cold emails

We’ll show you how to use LinkedIn to send better cold emails.

You’ll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, which is an affordable premium subscription, before you can follow these steps. I will be showing you how to find and contact hundreds of leads within minutes using Sales Navigator.

You’re more likely than not to receive responses if you begin with leads that are promising. You want to get responses.

Create an email list

You can create a list of leads within LinkedIn. You can bookmark the profiles of people who you’d like to contact. (Learn more about finding people below).

Click the “Create Lead Lists” button to create a new list of leads from your Sales Navigator account. The button will appear in the middle of your page if it is your first list.

You can then start adding people to your list by giving it a title.

Advanced Search Filters

Click on “Search for Leads” to find people. You can filter the results based on:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Job history
  • Your products and Services
  • Keywords
  • There are many more…

You will then have a more focused list of leads. This will result in more effective cold emailing.

Add leads to your list

You can add them to your list of leads once you have seen the search results. You can either import one search result at a time, or the entire page.

You’ll want to check each profile carefully to ensure that they are a good match. Focus on a small number of good leads rather than a large pool of mediocre leads.

Create an email template

It’s now time to create a template for your message. You’ll save a lot of time, and still be able to customize each message.

LinkedIn’s InMail is a great way to send cold emails. It limits you to 20 messages and 300 characters per month.

Here is a basic outline of your email template.

  • Use the name of the person to greet them
  • Add a few sentences to the letter mentioning something that recipient has done in their career.
  • You can use 2-3 sentences to tell them who you and your company are, as well as why you want to email them.
  • You can ask for their opinion, insight, advice or to hear more about your offer.
  • Thank you and goodbye to the professional world

When you write this template, avoid including links because spam filters may flag your email. Write a subject line that is short, relevant and interesting. This will determine whether the recipient opens your email.

You can also perform A/B testing with different versions of the template and then use the most successful ones moving forward.


Send Emails

How do you extract the email addresses from your list of LinkedIn prospects? To export emails in bulk, you can use the LinkedIn email finder. You’ll then have a list for your leads.

Personalize each email. A successful cold email campaign relies on personalization.

Keep in mind these other tips when cold-emailing people.

  • Email marketing platforms that track the open rate are a great way to improve your email marketing.
  • Sender must hold a relevant and credible position in your company
  • Keep your subject lines short and intriguing
  • The opening line is the first thing the recipient will see when they open the email.
  • Grammarly is a free online tool that checks for typos and grammar mistakes in emails.
  • Include your name, title of employment, company, and phone number in the signature.

You’ll quickly realize the power of LinkedIn for your next cold-email campaign if you use these tips and techniques.


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