SEO in 2024 – What’s Changing and How to Rank in Search

Search engine algorithms are constantly being updated to improve the results that users receive in search results pages.

It is essential that users receive the most relevant and useful results in search engine results as the web gets more crowded. This can be achieved by prioritising websites that are always useful and relevant. These will become the focus of future search engine algorithm changes.

Take a look at SEO for 2024.

User Experience

Google is clearly focused on the user experience. Google also aims to provide users with websites that deliver an excellent user experience.

Why would Google serve users substandard sites when the first page ranking is so competitive? Google wants its users to be directed to sites that provide them with the information or services they are looking for in the shortest time possible. Google is a reliable source of information that can be trusted.

How does Google accomplish this? Google uses a set core values to evaluate the quality of a website:

Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (or ‘E.A.T.’

You have a better chance to rank high in organic searches if you, as the owner of a website, can show these factors on your website or written content. Website Performance. Rankings are based on web page loading time. This has been the case for some years. Google Core Web Vitals will be introduced in 2021 as a new measure of website performance.

These metrics ensure that web pages are loaded properly and fully within a reasonable amount of time. It’s what you would expect from a great user experience. Google will be adding the following metrics to its ranking algorithm:

Cumulative layout shift – Measures how elements move on a page as it loads.

Article suggestion: Cumulative layout shift 101. What is CLS?

Largest contentful paint – The time taken to load the biggest text or image blocks in the viewable area.

First Input delay – the time taken for a webpage to load completely before a user can interact. Click a button.

When it comes to Core Web Vitals, the user of a CMS like WordPress has a distinct advantage. Many theme and plugin developers offer both optimization of on-page code as well as caching for performance improvements.

WP Rocket is a popular premium plugin that was developed to improve performance, including the speed of page loading.

Other SEO Factors in 2024

Although the factors above should be your focus for SEO in 2024 there are many current optimization techniques that you shouldn’t ignore.

Google’s priority is the user experience, and they regularly update high-quality, useful content. However, there are other factors that are equally important.

Backlinks — Once considered the most important factor for ranking a site, backlinks, or links from other sites, show authority and are a form of referral. As a website owner, if you have links coming from websites with high authority, and relevant to your field, you are demonstrating your own authority. If you compare this with a competitor who has no backlinks or links that are low-quality or spammy websites, then your website will be at a distinct advantage.

Page title tags – These are titles for your web pages that appear in the search results. These tags are vital in letting Google know what your website’s about. The content of your website is important, but it is crucial to get the title tags right and include relevant keywords or phrases.

Image Alt tags– Image Alt Tags replace images with descriptions. These tags should accurately describe the image for someone using a screenreader. These tags can also be used to determine what an image is, its relevance to your website and how to rank it independently on Google Images.

Use an SEO Agency

Although some SEO techniques are easy to implement, it is common for businesses to hire a reputable SEO Agency. This ensures that a website’s content and optimization are updated regularly to keep up with the latest ranking factors.


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